Sarah and Jen Homes

Educator Home Buying Project

Finding Home-

Do you work in education? Do you dream of affording a home in Central Oregon? Are you thinking of selling and making your next home purchase?

Let us help you achieve those dreams

No matter where you are in the home buying process we can help.

Just thinking about buying?

Need help finding money in your check to set aside for a down payment. We have resources for you. Maybe you are six months or even a year away from making a purchase or you just want to know if you qualify – give us a call and let us connect you with our local lenders or a budgeting expert.

Ready to purchase?

Maybe you’ve been setting money aside and are ready to start shopping. Let us connect you with a local lender to get qualified. We’ll gather a little information about your wants and desires for a home and we’ll get started. Our list of local businesses will help to make the upfront costs of buying a home a little more manageable.

Ready to sell?

We’ll start with a free cost market analysis to see what your home is worth. We can use our connections with local businesses to help you get your home ready to sell to get top dollar. Not to mention our connections with the Cascade Sotheby’s network.

We give back 10% of our net profits to help Central Oregon Youth

Why Team Sarah and Jen?

We both come to Cascade Sotheby‚Äôs with a combined 30 years of classroom teaching. We know first-hand what a demanding job educating our community’s youth can be. In the field of real estate we have a unique opportunity to help educators on their much deserved path to home ownership in this community that we love to call home.

The average salary of an educator in Oregon is $57,000 and currently, the average price of a home in Bend is $434,000. This gap creates an affordability issue. Those who have chosen a career in education deserve to have a stable living situation. Because you make a difference – we want to help!

Local Business Partners

Offering 10-25% discounts

Many local businesses are offering a discount or added service as you navigate the process of buying or selling a home. We have partnered with these local businesses and gathered information you can use to make buying or selling of a home in Central Oregon a little bit easier.

Our local lenders and money managers would love to point you in the right direction and save you money!

We’ve done our research to find loan programs that can assist. Some match down payments, while others lower an interest rate so mortgage payments become affordable. Together we can create a plan to purchase your first home or move from your current home to the next one. Our local business community wants to say thank you too!

To get started:

Send us a message.