The amazing benefits of the humble house plant

You know that feeling – walking into a home that feels like you are outdoors. The plants are thriving and the air feels clean.

According to Melissa Breyer at there are some pretty astonishing health benefits of having house plants in your home.

1- They give an assist with breathing. “Plants help to increase oxygen levels, and our bodies appreciate that.” Melissa says that a few special plants – like orchids, succulents in the bedroom keep oxygen flowing all night long.

2 – They help deter illness. According to studies, plants release moisture into the air. In our dry high desert climate, plants help with dry skin, sore throats, and dry cough.

3 – They clean the air. A study by Nasa says that indoor plants help to decrease toxic chemicals in the air in tightly sealed spaces. New construction homes that are tightly sealed could use a little house plant love. Melissa mentions a few plants that are especially good at cleaning the air: peace lily, spider plant, gerbera daisy and chrysanthemum to name a few.

4 – They boost healing. “A study, conducted at Kansas State University, found that viewing plants during recovery from surgery led to a significant improvement in physiologic responses as evidenced by lower systolic blood pressure, and lower ratings of pain, anxiety, and fatigue as compared to patients without plants in their rooms.”

5 – They help you work better. “As with simply being in nature, being around plants improves concentration, memory and productivity. Being “under the influence of plants” can increase memory retention up to 20 percent, according to a University of Michigan study.”

So maybe you need a little help getting started on your way to becoming an indoor plant guru – Bend has some great indoor plant stores that can help support your journey to a green thumb oasis.

Green Leaf Garden Center on 9th and Wilson. This is your one-stop indoor garden center. They have fertelizers, seeds and tons of indoor plants. They get a new shipment of plants every Thursday.

Somewhere That’s Green Plant Shoppe in the Old Mill. This store is filled with interesting plants – cacti and succulents. “Philosophy. To provide, by most environmentally friendly means, to source, sell, and educate the community of Bend on creating green spaces within our homes.”

Root Adorned in Northwest Crossing. This little shop has home furnishing as well as lots of greenery. “As much love as I give to my plants, I feel like I get more in return. I love the energy and the life that they bring to a space. To me they feel like sentient beings, and it’s an honor to be with them and to care for them. Taking care of plants is truly my form of self-care. I love to go around and clean their leaves, check on them, admire their beauty, and watch their growth. It really is a selfish pursuit because I get so much out of it.”

Telecommuting in Bend

Imagine waking in the morning to find new snow on the ground. Grabbing your skis and heading to the mountain for a few turns. Heading back down and putting a few hours of work in at your favorite local coffee shop. Maybe the summer sun is calling your name so you head out to Phil’s Trail for an afternoon mountain bike ride and finish up your work after dinner.

This is why telecommuting in Central Oregon is the second-highest percentage of self-employed workers of all small U.S. metros cities according to Cascade Business News . According to a study reported in SHRM telecommuters are happier and more loyal.

So…what do you do if you need that sense of connection or camaraderie of an office? You head to one of Bend’s many co-work spaces.

The Haven– Conceived to support entrepreneurs, small business owners, and community leaders, The Haven is a place to actualize ambitions and impact on our community.

Bend Tech– BendTECH’s mission is to create and sustain a culture of collaboration, networking and entrepreneurship in support of a thriving, diverse and inclusive startup and tech community.

The 1001– Empowering Bend’s Innovators- Where entrepreneurs gather & turn ideas into reality.

The Collective NWX– The Collective NWX is a community co-working space that combines brilliant design with functional workspace for all types of professionals in the heart of NorthWest Crossing. 

Don’t want to pay a fee for desk space? Head out to one of our great local coffee shops and take advantage of the buzz from caffeinated customers.

Thump With three locations around town you can always find a smiling barista who will be happy to fulfill your coffee requests. In addition to small-batch roasted coffee and espresso, handmade chai, and Metolious tea they serve artisan pastries and the NWX location has a phenomenal view that you can’t beat.

Spoken Moto – Throttled with a deep passion for old school craftsmanship, vintage motorcycles, hand-roasted coffee, craft beer and quality goods – The Spoken Moto brand was born. The headquarters is housed in what was previously an old, forgotten mechanic’s shop known in it’s day as the “Pine Shed” in the Old Mill/Box Factory area.

Wild Roots Coffee House – A cute coffee shop on the north end of town with friendly staff and lots of tables to work at. Owners Kris & Laura are very excited to share their dream of owning a small neighborhood coffee shop with top quality coffee and local pastries.

The Sparrow Bakery A warm greeting when you walk in the door, a friendly smile to brighten your day, and an intoxicating bouquet of aromas that awaken your appetite. Their scratch pastries, breads, and savories will have your mouth watering in anticipation and their unique and intimate space feel like a home away from home.

Curious about finding a home near one of these great work spaces or anywhere in Central Oregon? Contact us today.

Why Midtown is Up and Coming

Midtown is becoming a popular location for buyers and business owners to put down their roots.   The central location, larger lot sizes, and older homes with charm are capturing the attention of many who want to be part of an up and coming area.   

City Planners are woking on a master plan for redevelopment of the NE 3rd st. corridor in the west part of Midtown that will alter traffic flow and modify zoning to create a mixed-use neighborhood with improved aesthetics, pedestrian and bicycle-friendly streets, and an urban atmosphere.

The Bend Makers District is a thriving group of businesses committed to quality products and giving back to the community.   Find out more about this creative collective here and Here.

The city of Bend is committed to redevelopment of this are. Bringing in businesses is one step in this directive – Sunlight Solar has already begun construction on their new building on Hawthorn. “The City asked us to bring the building proud to the street, which reduces the need for cars,” said Israel. “We’re super excited, because if the pedestrian and bike lane that would go over the parkway is approved by voters, it will create a great pedestrian and bike corridor for everyone.” The construction of the Hawthorne/Midtown Crossing was included in the $180 million dollar bond that will go to the voters. “This could really create a wonderful community environment here in Central Bend,” added Israel. “We want people working and living in this area.” To enhance the sense of community in the area, Sunlight Solar will encourage biking and walking for its employees. Based on the National website, the site has a “75 or Very Walkable” score and an “85 Very Bikeable” score. (Read the full ariticle from Cascade Business News here.)

To find homes in the Mid-town area search here.