Why we want to help:

We both come to Cascade Sotheby’s with a combined 30 years of classroom teaching. We know first-hand what a demanding job educating our community’s youth can be. In the field of real estate we have a unique opportunity to help educators on their much deserved path to home ownership in this community that we love to call home.

The average salary of an educator in Oregon is $57,000 and currently, the average price of a home in Bend is $434,000. This gap creates an affordability issue. Those who have chosen a career in education deserve to have a stable living situation. Because you make a difference – we want to help!

Local Business Partners

Offering 10-25% discounts for educators

Many local businesses are offering a discount or added service as you navigate the process of buying or selling a home. We have partnered with these local businesses and gathered information you can use to make buying or selling of a home in Central Oregon a little bit easier.

Our local lenders and money managers would love to point you in the right direction and save you money!

We’ve done our research to find loan programs that can assist. Some match down payments, while others lower an interest rate so mortgage payments become affordable. Together we can create a plan to purchase your first home or move from your current home to the next one. Our local business community wants to say thank you too!

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